Army Commander Hails Coordination Between Agencies for Chingam Kulgam encounter, Pays Tribute to Fallen Soldier

 Srinagar, July 7 (KNS): Army Commander, Sector 1, Prithviraj Chauhan, praised the coordination between all agencies involved in a recent operation in Chinigam, Kulgam which resulted in the killing of four terrorists.

"This operation shows the coordination between all our agencies. Four terrorists were killed in one encounter and six terrorists were killed in South Kashmir. This is a big shock for the Hizbul Mudahidin organization," Chauhan said at a presser where he was flanked by DIG South Kashmir Javid Matoo and other senior army and police officers.

He also paid tribute to Prabhakar Praveen who sacrificed his life in the operation.

"I would like to pay my respects to him on behalf of all of you and the country. We have lost a brave soldier, but we will continue to carry out successful operations with the cooperation of all agencies and the people of Kashmir," Chauhan said.

The operation was carried out on July 6, after receiving accurate information about terrorist movement in the area.

"We have been receiving news about the movement in this area for many days.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelWe have been keeping an eye on the whole area with the help of our surveillance devices and sources. On 6th, we received an accurate news about the terrorist movement in Chinigam area who were wearing Pherans. It raised our suspicion as wearing Pheran in hot days is abnormal," Chauhan explained.

The commander also revealed that an IED of 6 kg was recovered and destroyed during the search operation.

"The names of these terrorists are Yawar Dar, Zahid Dar, Shakeel Wani, and Tawhid Rathar. After concluding this operation, we also received an IED of 6 kg during the search which was destroyed," Chauhan said.

The army commander expressed his gratitude to all the agencies and the people of Kashmir for their cooperation and hoped for continued success in future operations.

"I am always grateful to all the agencies and the people of Kashmir for their cooperation. I hope that with this cooperation, we will carry out more successful operations. And the army will continue to play its role in peace in Kashmir," Chauhan said.(KNS)

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