BJP's Claims of Normalcy Contradicted by Ongoing Attacks: Vikar Rasool

Jammu, June 12 (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee Chief Vikar Rasool on Wednesday criticized the government for its handling of security in the J&K, questioning the effectiveness of their strategies amid a series of recent attacks in the Jammu Division.

“There has been a series of attacks in Jammu Division, and I don’t know what the government and security forces are doing,” Vikar said while addressinga press conference at Jammu, pointing out the discrepancy between the government’s claims of normalcy post-Article 370 abrogation and the actual ground situation.

Vikar said that BJP leaders, including Home Minister Amit Shah and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, have repeatedly claimed that the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir has significantly improved. However, he argued that the continuous terrorist activities contradict these assertions.

“Today, the situation is such that series of attacks are continuously happening in Jammu. I want to remind PM Modi that when Manmohan Singh was PM, he always said that despite having the army, BSF, and other security forces, militants still infiltrate.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelToday, I pose the same question to the PM, HM, and Defence Minister.”

Expressing his concern for the upcoming Amarnath Yatra, Rasool said there is need to reassess and strengthen the security grid. “We don’t want, God forbid, any untoward incident during the Amarnath Yatra which we would regret later. There is a need to assess the security grid and strengthen it,” he added.

Rasool said that militancy has been around for 35 years, but they never claimed to have eradicated it completely. However, when they were in government in 2002, the situation was better. "Now, despite claims of a secure environment, what we see is continuous terrorist incidents. We want stability, increased tourist flow, and a peaceful life for the people of Kashmir.”

He called for immediate elections to enable the people to choose their representatives and ensure that the promises of peace and security are upheld. “We strongly condemn these attacks and want immediate elections so that people can choose their representation.”(KNS) 

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