Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival Concludes at DPS Srinagar

 Srinagar, June 23(KNS): The 7th edition of the Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival concluded with resounding success at Delhi Public School (DPS) Srinagar, marking two days of immersive literary delight for children and their families. Held on June 22nd and 23rd, the festival transformed the school grounds into a bustling hub of creativity and learning, attracting 4,500 visitors over the weekend.

Two days of literature. Two days of reading. Two days of books. Two days of company with children, authors, illustrators, storytellers, and performers. Two days of pure joy. This sums up the essence of the festival, where children eagerly rushed to various sub-venues to participate in their chosen sessions.

The event featured a vast array of programming, including sessions on managing emotions, Calypsos, Earth Care, Kamishibai (a Japanese form of storytelling), creative writing, uncovering history, learning about quilts and quilting, and reimagining with stories and art. The carefully curated, age-appropriate content provided 48 hours of unadulterated fun and learning, ensuring that attendees, many of whom returned for the second day, had a memorable experience.

Festival Director Swati Roy expressed her delight at the success of the event, stating, “Srinagar has always been special for us ever since we began in 2011. Bringing the joy of books and reading to this city has never been more delightful. The turnout and enthusiasm of the children and their families were heartwarming. We thank our speakers, the publishers who supported us, and DPS Srinagar for being such gracious hosts.”

Sunanda Dhar, member of management committee at DPS Srinagar, also praised the festival's positive impact, stating, "Bookaroo has become an integral part of our school's culture. It is events like these that open up new worlds for our children, nurturing their creativity and love for reading. We are proud to host this festival and look forward to many more years of collaboration."  

Ms. Shafaq Afshan, Principal of DPS Srinagar, shared her thoughts on the festival’s impact, “Hosting Bookaroo has been a wonderful experience.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelSeeing our students and children from the community so engaged and excited about literature is truly inspiring. It reinforces our commitment to fostering a love for reading and learning in our students.”

Adding to the excitement, the festival featured several unique sessions. "What if Dinosaurs Came Back Today?" by Isha Nagar captivated young minds as they illustrated their thoughts on the doodle wall, imagining how dinosaurs would navigate modern challenges like climate change and pollution. In "3…2…1… Zoom," Canato Jimo guided children in creating their own colorful galaxies and universes at the crafty corner, blending art with imagination.

At the auditorium, Nicholas Hoffland's session, "Write a Story," engaged children in the craft of storytelling, helping them think up and write stories that others would enjoy. Anupama Jain's session explored the timeless appeal of stories, delving into how themes of love, friendship, hatred, and villainy resonate across generations.

Tanya Majmudar conducted a session on bird identification, encouraging children to observe and learn about the birds around them. Meanwhile, Sadaf Ashaq's "A Splash of Fun" story session delighted young attendees with the adventures of Hugo, the baby hippo, making waves of excitement and unforgettable memories.
Event Coordinator Ms. Syed Sumera highlighted the importance of such events in promoting literacy, “Bookaroo has provided an exceptional platform for children to interact with authors, illustrators, and storytellers, sparking their imagination and creativity. The diverse sessions offered something for everyone, making it a memorable experience for all attendees.”
Bookaroo, a 15-year-old festival, is dedicated to spreading the joy of reading by bringing children and books together. It has visited 17 cities, including locations in Malaysia and Sri Lanka, and has completed 46 editions so far. Notably, it is a winner of the prestigious Literary Festival of the Year award at the London Book Fair.

As the festival concluded, it left behind a trail of happy faces and enriched minds, promising to return with even more engaging content in the future. The Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival in Srinagar will be remembered as a celebration of stories, learning, and the boundless joy that books bring into the lives of young readers.(KNS).

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