Kotasatri residents demand construction of a footbridge

Suhail Rather

Bandipora May 13 (KNS): The inhabitants of Kotasatri hamlet in Sumlar village of north Kashmir’s Bandipora district on Monday demanded the construction of a footbridge in the area to ease the sufferings of the people.

Resentment is brewing up among the residents over the non-availability of a footbridge over a Nallah that has become a headache for the people as they have to travel miles to cover a distance few feet away.

The residents of the area said they are left with no option but to temporarily use a dilapidated bridge which poses a grave threat to people’s lives.

A delegation of locals told that the already constructed wooden footbridge is in a dilapidated condition for the last many years.

They said that the dilapidated and broken bridge is posing a serious threat to the lives of the residents.

According to locals, bridge over nallah Arin is the only mode of connectivity between the villages of Bandipora districts.

Residents of Sumlar and Kotasathri, situated on either sides of nallah Arin on Monday said that they were facing immense hardships due to non-availability of a foot bridge over the nallah.

Talking to  Kashmir News Service (KNS), the residents said that due to non-availability of a foot bridge over the nallah they are forced to choose a long alternate route which is troublesome for them.

They said that in the past they have many times put forth this demand before the concerned authorities but till date nothing has been done to mitigate their sufferings.

The residents said that the only way to cross the fast flowing nallah is by a footbridge.

“Non-availability of a vital foot bridge is causing immense hardships to the inhabitants, living on both sides of the nallah. The residents have to either take a 3 km long alternative route or cross over the nallah to reach their respective destinations,” he said.

The villagers appealed to the Deputy Commissioner Bandipora to personally intervene in the matter and fulfill this long pending demand.(KNS)

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