Modi Govt will not spare anyone involved in terror activities: Kavinder

Jammu, June 12 (KNS): Senior BJP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister, Kavinder Gupta asserted that the Centre, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will not spare any entity involved in terror activities, emphasizing its resolute stance on eradicating terrorism both within Jammu and Kashmir and beyond.

In a handout issued to media persons here today, Kavinder Gupta assured the public that the perpetrators of recent terror attacks in the Jammu region will soon face justice. He highlighted the ongoing efforts of security forces to either eliminate or apprehend those responsible, reinforcing that Pakistan’s attempts to spread unrest in Jammu and Kashmir will not succeed.

"The brave soldiers of the Army are actively engaged in tracing the culprits involved in these heinous crimes. These cowards will be neutralized very soon, just like other terrorists in the past," he stated.

The senior BJP leader urged the people not to lose faith in the government, assuring them that every effort will be made to bring the culprits to justice.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel"The government will leave no stone unturned to ensure that those who have massacred innocent people, after being brainwashed by their unprincipled mentors across the border, are brought to justice. These mentors are attempting to turn humans into beasts through heavy doses of radicalization."

Kavinder emphasized that Jammu and Kashmir has entered a new era of progress and development, which has become a point of discomfort for Pakistan and its subversive elements. "Their desperate efforts to disturb peace and tranquility in J&K will fail. The strong determination of our nation and its people, along with the valor and selfless service of our Army, will defeat the ill designs of our enemies," he concluded.(KNS)

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