On Demand Day, Tarigami demands labour law reforms, implementation of minimum wages Act

Srinagar, July 10 (KNS): Senior leader CPI(M) Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami carried out a rally on behalf of Center of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) to observe Demand Day today in Srinagar.

"The first demand is the implementation of labor laws and the reinstatement of labor courts, which were dismantled to favor big corporates," Tarigami said. "The government must prioritize the rights of workers, not just corporate profits," he said according to KNS correspondent.

Tarigami emphasized the need for a minimum wage of Rs. 26,000, citing the struggles of workers in Jammu and Kashmir. "It's unacceptable that casual laborers in our state are denied fair wages, while their counterparts in other states receive decent compensation.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelThe government's promise of a 'new Kashmir' rings hollow when workers are left behind."

He added, "The Minimum Wages Act must be implemented universally, covering all workers, including those in Sikkim, ICDS, NHM, and contractual laborers. The current inflation and market conditions demand a minimum wage of Rs. 26,000. We urge the government to address the plight of the working class."

He highlighted the long-standing demands of trade unions, seeking better working conditions, social security, and fair wages for all workers. (KNS). 

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