People have voted for peace, against politics of hate, arbitrariness: Hakeem Yaseen

"Er. Rashid's win shouldn't be linked to revival of secessionism"

"Er. Rashid's win shouldn't be linked to revival of secessionism"

Srinagar, June 6 (KNS): Chairman Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) and former Minister Hakeem Muhammad Yaseen on Thursday said that the people of jammu and kashmir have voted against the politics of hate , policy of arbitrariness and obstinacy in the recently concluded parliamentary elections adding that the verdict should not be misused for satiating personal interests. He said it does not behove well to attribute Er.Rasids thumping win towards promoting successionist and islamic movement in kashmir as he has earlier also won electoral battles on secular credentials.

In a statement issued on Thursday Hakeem Yaseen said that the the people of jammu and kashmir have given vent to thier anger and displeasure against the political exploitation and politics arbitrariness through the ballot not for promoting successionism or islamic movement . “ Out rightly rejecting all presumptions that Er.Rashids win would promote successionist and islamic ideoligy in kashmir , Hakeem Yaseen said that the people of jammu and kashmir were secular by conviction and want peace and development .Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelHe said people have understood the futility of violence and gun that has brought untold misery and myhem in j&k over the last three decades and want lasting peace now.

PDF Chairman said that unprecedented participation of the people of kashmir in the Parliamentary elections depicts thier burning desire for revival of electoral democracy adding that the new central government should come upto thier expectation and announce restoration of statehood alongwith holding of assembly elections without any further delay.

“The enthusiasm shown by th masses on electoral democracy needs to be reciprocated by holding Assembly elections without any further delay ,Hakeem Yaseen said adding that the era of political eploitation was over. He said people of jammu and kahmir could not be befooled anymore on false promises and deceptive slogans by the beaten track policies and falsehood of the traditional political parties who have a history of breaking promises.(KNS) 

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