People will teach lesson to three families who looted J&K for own interests: Tarun Chugh

“Vikaas, Vishwaas and Progress in Kashmir are Prime Minister Modi's Agenda

“Vikaas, Vishwaas and Progress in Kashmir are Prime Minister Modi's Agenda

Jammu May 15 (KNS): National General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Shri Tarun Chugh, has asserted that Jammu and Kashmir, often referred to as the paradise of India, was transformed into a den of loot by three prominent families. These families, who ruled the region for an extended period, were deeply involved in corruption, depleting the state's treasury for personal gain while fostering an environment of terrorism. According to Chugh, the residents of Jammu and Kashmir are now fully aware of the actions of these family-oriented parties and are prepared to hold them accountable.

Chugh specifically identified the political parties led by the Gandhi family, Mufti Mohammad's family, and the Abdullah family as being guilty of nepotism, terrorism, and corruption. He claimed these families prioritized their own interests over the well-being of Kashmir, causing significant harm to the region.

He also highlighted that these families' alleged affection for Pakistan has consistently threatened national unity.

Shri Chugh emphasized that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is committed to the development and prosperity of Kashmir, focusing on trust and comprehensive progress for the region. As a result, the pace of development in Jammu and Kashmir has accelerated, and peace and harmony are being restored in place of terrorism.

Chugh concluded by stating that the people of Kashmir now have faith in Prime Minister Modi, aspire for development, and yearn for peace. Consequently, the BJP is determined to hold the three nepotistic, corrupt, and terrorism-supporting parties accountable for the plundering and unrest in Jammu and Kashmir.(KNS)

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