Renowned Dubai International School opens branch in Sonarwani Bandipora 

Parents calls it a dawn of quality education in Bandipora

Parents calls it a dawn of quality education in Bandipora

Bandipora, May 14 (KNS): A new dawn of quality education was marked today with the inauguration of a branch of the renowned chain Dubai International School (DGIS) in Sonarwani, Bandipora.

Parents and children from Srinagar and Bandipora gathered to witness this significant event, reflecting the anticipation and enthusiasm for quality education in the region.

Chairman of DGIS, Muhammad Hanif Bhat, expressed his gratitude, "We have been serving the best in Srinagar, and numerous delegations from Bandipora approached us, urging for a branch in their area. Today, by the grace of God, we inaugurated our branch in Sonarwani, Bandipora, promising to deliver exceptional education to the children."

The response from parents was overwhelming, with reassurances from the school management that they would uphold their commitment to providing quality education. The event saw the presence of notable dignitaries, including Chief Guest SSP Bandipora Lakshey Sharma, ASP Shafat Najar, and SHO Bandipora Ayaz Geelani.

Addressing the gathering, SSP Bandipora expressed his happiness at the establishment of this institution in the region. He emphasized the importance of keeping children away from drugs and urged parents to educate their children about the dangers of substance abuse.

The ceremonial ribbon-cutting, accompanied by the release of pigeons into the sky, symbolized the dawn of a new era in education for the children of Bandipora. DGIS students showcased their talents on stage, captivating the audience with their performances.

Chairman of DGIS, Muhammad Hanif, reiterated the school's commitment to providing world-class education in Bandipora, stating, "We are not here to compete with anyone. Our focus remains on serving the community as we have done in Srinagar. Our students are our best advertisement."

Parents expressed their optimism, stating, "We lacked good schools in Bandipora, leading many to enroll their children outside the district. However, with the establishment of DGIS, there is now a ray of hope for us."

The grand inauguration of DGIS's branch in Sonarwani, Bandipora, signifies a significant step forward in expanding access to quality education in the region, promising a brighter future for generations to come. (KNS) 

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