Sajad Lone Holds Press Conference at Dakbanglaw Tangdar, Outlines Vision for Development

 Peerzada Sayeed

Karnah May, 15 (KNS): Sajad Lone, Chairman People's Conference , held a press conference at Dakbanglaw Tangdar, where he outlined his vision for the development of the region. 
During the conference, he addressed pressing issues faced by the Tangdar area, including infrastructure development, education, and healthcare. He emphasized the need for inclusive growth and promised to work tirelessly to address the concerns of the people.
Lone also highlighted the importance of empowering local communities and ensuring their participation in decision-making processes. He pledged to bridge the gap between the government and the grassroots level, advocating for transparent governance and accountability.
The press conference served as a platform for Sajad Lone to engage with the media and the public, reaffirming his commitment to the welfare and progress of Tangdar and its residents.(KNS)

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