Before Assembly elections, Restore Complete Statehood To J&K: Apni Party Chief Spokesperson

Srinagar, July 01(KNS): Muntazir Mohiuddin, Chief Spokesperson of Apni Party, urged the central government to restore Jammu and Kashmir's statehood to its pre-August 5, 2019 status before conducting assembly elections, emphasising that any statehood akin to Delhi's would not be acceptable to Apni Party.

Addressing press conference also highlighted that Apni Party is a regional entity dedicated to upholding the rights of the people without affiliations to other political groups.

"Apni Party has no affiliations with any other local or national party; it was established solely for the welfare of the people of Jammu and Kashmir," he said.

He stressed the importance of restoring Jammu and Kashmir's statehood prior to assembly elections to safeguard local rights, insisting it must return to its pre-August 5, 2019 status. Bukhari also emphasised Apni Party's opposition to any alteration or imposition of a Delhi-like statehood model.

He further criticised the halting of civilian traffic on highways to prioritise security forces and Amarnath Yatris, citing reports of civilians enduring long waits in the summer heat.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

He emphasised that while supporting the Amarnath Yatra, it should not disrupt civilian rights or cause undue suffering. Additionally, he called for the release of long-detained individuals, urging the government to reunite them with their families amid efforts for sustained peace and normalcy.

He continued by expressing concern over delays in police verification for job and passport applicants, urging streamlined processes to avoid unnecessary hardships for youth.

He emphasised the urgency of filling vacant government posts promptly to address rising unemployment rates and inflation. He condemned the attempted mosque demolition in Kathua, demanding legal action against those responsible, highlighting historical ownership records of the land.

He also called for reduced electricity tariffs to alleviate financial strain on low-income families, urging government intervention to provide relief from recent fee hikes. 

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