CEO SSCL Reviews Progress of Traditional Souq Market and Craft Center Batamaloo, Jehangir Chowk Junction, and Balidan Stambh at Pratap Park

Srinagar,May 25 (KNS) : The CEO,SSCL Dr. Owais Ahmed IAS conducted a extensive review of the ongoing SSCL projects to ensure their timely completion and successful implementation.

The Traditional Souq Market and Craft Center Batamaloo, a vibrant hub for local artisans and craftsmen, is set to become a prominent destination for showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Jammu & Kashmir. The project aims to provide a platform for traditional artisans to display and sell their exquisite handcrafted products, promoting local craftsmanship and boosting the region's economy.

At the Jehangir Chowk Junction, a key intersection in Srinagar, infrastructure development initiatives are underway to enhance traffic flow and pedestrian safety.The CEO emphasized the importance of efficient urban planning and design to create a more accessible and aesthetically pleasing environment for residents and visitors alike.

Additionally, the progress of the Balidan Stambh at Pratap Park was reviewed by CEO.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelThe memorial, dedicated to the brave soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for the Nation, is being meticulously constructed to honor their valor and commemorate their service. The CEO underscored the significance of preserving the memory of these heroes and ensuring that their legacy lives on for future generations.

During the review,CEO expressed his satisfaction with the pace of work on these projects and commended the dedication and hard work of the teams involved.CEO reiterated the commitment of SSCL to delivering high-quality infrastructure and public amenities that contribute to the overall development and prosperity of Srinagar City.

As these transformative projects near completion, the vision of a more culturally vibrant, accessible, and inclusive urban landscape in Srinagar is becoming a reality. (KNS)

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