Kashmir Pandit Wins Hearts by Donating to Bohrikadal Fire Victims

Srinagar, July 08 (KNS) Satish Mahaldar, a Kashmir Pandit currently residing in Delhi, has garnered widespread appreciation from the Kashmiri community by donating to the victims of the recent Bohrikadal fire.

Mahaldar, an engineering alumnus, expressed that his primary motivation was to assist those in dire need. He reminisced about the time when his family was forced to flee Kashmir, leaving them homeless.

"In this devastating fire, I saw people of all ages, including men, women, children, and the elderly, losing their shelters. No one can understand their pain as deeply as we do," Mahaldar said.

Acknowledging the limited nature of his donation, he added, "I know 25K isn't a substantial amount, and it cannot rebuild a house.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelHowever, it is a token of love for those Kashmiri people who lost their homes."

Reflecting on the past, Mahaldar noted, "Before the 80s, there were no issues; Pandits and Muslims lived together, sharing each other's problems and joys."

He concluded by highlighting the enduring struggles faced by those displaced, stating, "When we left Kashmir in distress, we have not been able to rebuild the same. These people have suffered greatly, and this devastating fire has only added to their hardships." 

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