MHA's zero tolerance will eradicate terrorism in J&K: Kavinder

Jammu, June 16: Senior BJP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister, Kavinder Gupta, has expressed his strong support for the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and its unwavering stance against terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. He commended Union Home Minister Amit Shah for adopting a zero-tolerance policy towards terrorism, emphasizing that this decisive approach will ultimately eradicate terrorism from the region.

In a statement issued here today, the senior BJP leader highlighted the significant impact of the Home Minister's firm policies. "The zero-tolerance approach against terrorism in Jammu region, spearheaded by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, is a landmark move. It demonstrates the government's commitment to eliminating terrorism and ensuring lasting peace and development in the region," he stated.

"The rigorous measures and proactive strategies will not only curtail terrorist incidents but will also restore confidence among the local population," he added.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

The senior BJP leader also emphasized the enhanced cooperation between security forces and intelligence agencies, which has been instrumental in neutralizing threats and dismantling terrorist networks. "The synergy between various security agencies under the leadership of the Home Minister has been exemplary. Their coordinated efforts have led to significant breakthroughs in counter-terrorism operations," he remarked.

The former deputy Chief Minister reaffirmed the BJP's commitment to supporting the central government's initiatives aimed at maintaining national security and promoting regional development. "The BJP stands firmly with the MHA and the Union Home Minister in their relentless pursuit of a terror-free Jammu and Kashmir. We will continue to back every measure that ensures the safety and prosperity of our citizens," he concluded.(KNS)

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