Rahul playing in hands of foreign forces to defame India: Chugh

Delhi June 17 (KNS): BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh today blasted AICC leader Rahul Gandhi for trying to tarnish the image of the biggest democracy in the world by cooking up issues like that of the EVM.

In a strong statement Chugh said Rahul has been playing in the hands of the foreign forces to run down the Modi government which enjoys the democratic majority to rule the country.

He said the question of EVMs has been triggered so many times by various leaders of the Congress including Rahul Gandhi. But it is a shame to raise the issue after it has been decisively settled by the Supreme Court.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

Chugh also condemned Sam Pitroda for making "biased and malicious statements over the matter. He said in the past also Pitroda has tried to defame the nation internationally as he has been dancing to the tunes of the Gandhi family.

Chugh said Rahul Gandhi and his followers would not raise the issue of EVMs in states where they has earned an electoral victory, but it has become a malicious tendency of the Congress to bring the nation to a bad name internationally on one ground or the other.(KNS) 

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