BJP Government failed in maintaining drinking water, power supply during scorching summer: Sadhotra

 JAMMU JUNE 23(KNS): National Conference Additional General Secretary and Former Minister Mr Ajay Kumar Sadhotra today expressed grave concern over scarce drinking water and erratic power supply at a time the summer sun blazes down on Jammu, forcing the people to sweat for hours and to spend their hard-earned money on water tankers, a resource that should be readily available to all.

Addressing a meeting at KALAKAM in Jammu North Assembly Constituency this afternoon, Mr Sadhotra said water scarcity as of now is unprecedented, notwithstanding the assurances from the government and the people have been left with no choice but to buy water from private tankers. The supply remains inconsistent and inadequate with many areas experiencing prolonged water cuts. As of it was not enough, the power shedding has made their lives miserable, he added.

He further said that Double Engine Sarkar's Slogan of providing "Nal and Jal to every house has proved a big lie and are befooling the people in the name of providing drinking water to every house".

Mr Sadhotra said the erratic electricity supply has been disrupting daily life, affecting businesses, and putting vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and those with medical conditions, at greater risk. The failure of the Double Engine Sarkar to address the basic necessities of the common man i.e. drinking water and power, he said, and called for urgent remedial measures to rectify the situation and restore the confidence of the public by providing them basic minimum necessities.

"It is unimaginable even to think how people must be coping up with the situation without drinking water and power in these scorching summers", the NC Additional General Secretary said and castigated the government for creating hype over every issue but failing to deliver on ground zero.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

They must understand that people cannot be fed with dreams and slogans anymore when even basics are not available to them. He said the failure on all fronts has totally exposed the government.

Ajay Sadhotra also took the administration head on for depriving the people from various utility services. The government's callousness has left the people of Jammu region especially residents of Jammu North Assembly Constituency high and dry in literally, he added.

The government should immediately deploy water tankers to the affected areas to combat water scarcity, Mr Sadhotra added further. He said the people are finding themselves left to lurch due to administrative inertia and lack of grievance redressal mechanism.

The situation will be so precarious with nobody feeling sense of accountability, especially in Power and Jal Shakhti departments was beyond anybody's imagination, he lamented.

Prominent among those were present on the occasion included S/Sh Raghubir Singh Manhas District President, Rakesh Sharma District Youth President, Randhir Singh, Sahil Singh, Kuldeep Sharma, Subash Choudhary, Bawa Pritam Singh Block President, Kala Khan Naib Sarpanch, Ch Nazir, Insp Rashpal, Insp Lal Chand Bhagat, Sewa Ram, Gopal Dass, Ch Farooq Ahmed, Ch Shamsher, Sher Ali and Janak Kumar.(KNS).

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